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Guest Portaits

Live watercolor guest portrait painting is a unique and captivating form of entertainment that is perfect for any event. With this technique, an artist creates beautiful watercolor portraits of guests in real-time, capturing their likeness and personality in a stunning and artistic way. This not only provides guests with a memorable keepsake, but also adds an interactive and engaging element to the event.

Guest Painting Coverage

How does this work?

Guest paintings are created in under 10 minutes for 2 people!* Katie Nelson Fine Art will set up a table at your event with all of the watercolor painting supplies. Guests will stand 2-4 feet in front of the table. They will pose for about 5 minutes while their form is captured in ink. Then they can relax and mingle near the table while the artist adds the colors and patterns of their outfits, hair, and skin tone. The painting process takes 3-5 minutes. Each portrait will be placed in a protective sleeve to keep the memory safe until they can display it in a frame. 

*some factors may affect the timing

Prices listed are before sales tax and/or travel expenses. Please contact Katie Nelson Fine Art for your event quote.

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