Prior to the wedding day, I will give the client an opportunity to let me know any specific preferences they may have for the painting – they have the choice of having the ceremony or reception painted. On the wedding day, I will arrive at the event about 1-2 hours early to set up my easel. I begin laying out a composition before guests arrive.  I paint the background and will start adding the couple near the end of the ceremony and into the reception. Final details will be completed after the wedding back at my studio.

Every painting is different, because every couple is unique. My style is very impressionistic, created with a loose hand and thick paint. I represent the event by the atmosphere and the colors around me. I will spend about 4-5 hours at the event and will return to my studio with the painting to add the final touches and allow the paint to fully cure. The bride and groom will receive one painting that is a reflection of their wedding's atmosphere.

Additional packages for multiple paintings, prints, or thank you cards can be discussed upon booking. Contact me for sizes and prices.

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