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24x40 oil

My inspiration for this piece started brewing in my heart the first time I heard Holy Water by @wethekingdom

The whole song hits so deep, but the chorus struck me,

"Your forgiveness is like sweet sweet honey on my lips

Like the sound of a symphony to my ears

Like holy water on my skin"


When I thought about Holy water I always imagined a sprinkle of water, or the cross of oil on the forehead. That wasn't enough. I wanted God's forgiveness to fall over every part of my body. I wanted to dive into his forgiveness.

She is in the water not by chance. She physically threw herself into the water to be overtaken, and surrounded, to loose control, and hand over herself to His forgiveness.



As I've worked on Holy Water, it brought even more meaning into my life. Tyler and I are really throwing ourselves into the Lord's arms at the moment because so much is unsure. But here we go, LEAPING into his holy water to be utterly dependent on God's faithfulness. My prayer for everyone encountering this would see the faithfulness and goodness of God. And that loosing control of jobs, finances, health, whatever it may be, wouldn't be so scary. But that it would be freeing.

Holy Water

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